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There are a great number of modifications available to increase the performance and style of a Lamborghini but great care must be taken in selecting the right ones for you. Some performance modifications may work well on their own but actually work against each other when combined. Let us take a look at some of the more simple modifications that can be made to get even more power from these classic cars.

Breathing modifications (exhaust and intake) are the most commonly made mods that owners make to their cars. Replacing the stock exhausts with bigger bores and fitting new induction kits can be very effective but if the correct kit is not used power can actually be lost rather than gained.


Common mods to the internal engine tuning include fitting high or low compression pistons and skimming the head. These can all be highly effective providing the correct equipment is chosen and the work carried out well.

Flowing the head can be a great way to improve torque and/or fuel efficiency and some engines are suitable for cylinder reboring which can significantly increase the capacity of the engine.

Handling can be improved by adding strut braces and also by making the car lighter. Many owners fit their own choice of high performance wheels, one of the simpler mods to make.

Braking performance is often increased through racing pads or complete upgrade kits. Fitting these can be tricky depending on the particular model in question.


If track performance is important to you then a suspension upgrade is probably a must. However, this will often involve lowering the car so you will need to find a happy medium if you also wish to use the car on the road. Racers may also wish to add spoilers or wings to increase aerodynamic efficiency. Spoilers diffuse the air around the car and wings tend to add downforce, helping you stay on the track.


Many cars lose power through the transmission, where the power from the engine is transferred to the wheels. Common transmission mods include low ratio gearboxes (which increase acceleration but lower fuel economy), quick shift sticks (for speeding up gear changes) and limited slip differentials (which make better use of the torque generated by the engine by better distributing it between the wheels).


Finally, you may wish to make some cosmetic changes to your car, common mods include body kits, digital dashboards, replacement mirrors, resprays, engine covers and debadged grills. The choice of styling options and combinations is pretty much unlimited.


As we can see from this brief introduction, the variety of mods that can be made to Lamborghinis is impressive and can be technically daunting. The first question to ask yourself is `what do I want from my car that it is not giving me now?` There is no point in fitting mods just for the sake of it. Once you know what you want you can ask `how can these performance improvements be best achieved?` You will probably need to seek advice and before attempting any mod it is best to do your research and consult with an expert or online forum such as

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