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Since it was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show back in February 2011, the Lamborghini Aventador has proved to be an instant success with 12 months of orders placed almost immediately. The vehicle was introduced as an intended replacement for the company`s ten-year-old Murcielago and that intention certainly seems to be working.

As a supercar, this has everything you could possibly need with a top speed of 217 miles per hour and 0-60 in an incredible 2.9 seconds. If you`re tempted already, the suggested retail price in the UK comes in at a shade over £200,000.

The key to those speeds is in the design and in the lightweight carbon-fibre monocoque body that Lamborghini believe to be unique. McLaren have used a similar material but it`s claimed that the Aventador body is currently one of a kind. Complementing the lightweight and supremely aerodynamic shell you will find a 6.5 litre, V12 engine and a 7-speed gearbox which all combine to give you the power you need to reach those amazing speeds.


lamborghini-aventadorAs with all Italian supercars, speed and performance are all very well but where the brands really score is with their design. You would expect anything that Lamborghini produces to be sleek, elegant and head turning in any situation and that is certainly the case with the Aventador. Like all Lamborghinis it is low to the ground with a wide, almost squat appearance and it calls upon something that the manufacturer themselves describe as “aeronautical sources”.


But what is it like to drive? Expert reviews have universally acclaimed the arrival of the Aventador and acknowledged that it is an improvement on what was an already impressive Murcielago. The driving position is comfortable with the standard supercar seats that provide support and are electrically adjustable. Many reviews state that first impressions are good and unlike many supercars in the same class, all round visibility is excellent and this is one aspect that sees the car score over other, similar marques.


You may need some time to get used to all the nuances of the car and in particular the set of pedals, which are offset some way over to the left. Drivers have said that when they use the car for the first time, it`s all too easy to hit the throttle as opposed to the brake and that left footed braking is the only sensible option.


Once started, it`s easy to feel the power and the bulk of the car at the back of you and acceleration provides all the thrill that you would expect from a vehicle of this kind. Gear changes are smooth and the ride is immensely comfortable for such a car.


In keeping with all Lamborghini branding, the name of Aventador has a connection with bulls and in this instance, it refers to a legendry, trophy-winning bull of the same name. The new supercar has all the brute force and power that you would expect and is worthy of the beast that once carried its name. Allied to that, however, is a stylish excellence that makes the new Lamborghini Aventador the full package. If you`re looking to buy one, speak to a car advisor in the first instance and be prepared for a waiting list. However, as owners and testers will tell you, any wait is well worth it.

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